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Photos: Melissa Vera

Maya Stephen is a Florida native taking over the football scene in North America. Her family is deeply rooted in football with both Haitian and German heritage. She’s currently working with the Washington Spirit, bringing her own curation to the women’s game, as well as building her social platform Kicks Undefined, which highlights women’s success in football through their personal style and social causes.

Club: Bayern Munich

How did you first form a connection with Bayern?

I grew up in a sports-obsessed household but soccer was my favourite from early on. My mother is German and raised me to be a German national team fan. Thomas Müller was one of the players I admired so naturally I became a Bayern fan when he joined the squad a few years following the 2010 World Cup.

What’s your earliest memory of the club?

The 2012-2013 treble year but specifically the Champions League final vs Borussia Dortmund. My family who live in Germany all support Dortmund so it was a big rivalry game. Müller went off that entire season!

Who are your top 5 Bayern players past or present?

You already know I’m saying Thomas Müller but Bayern has so many greats. I’ll keep this list more modern. Lewandowski. Neuer of course. Kroos. and David Alaba. Shoutout to Gnabry though. That boy can dress.

Is Kane winning that elusive first trophy?

No doubt. He’s already off to a hot start.

Tell us about the kit you’re wearing now.

I was looking to add some kits to the collection and randomly came across this vintage 1997–1999 Bayern home shirt. It stuck out to me because I was born in 97 and the design is crazy. It can be styled to go more streetwear, blokecore, or how you see it paired with more of an elevated urban yet preppy look.

In your opinion, do you think Bayern bully the German League?

We bully and bulldoze. Bayern on top always. 

What are your future predictions for the club?

Winning a treble and dominating the Champions League. Mia San Mia!!!!

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